Strawberry Lemon Sorbet

This sorbet is crazy refreshing in so many ways. First, the taste! Oh man. So strawberry-y with a bit of lemon in there to wake you up a bit. The colour! Yes, that's the real colour of it, no food colouring or photoshopping in there, guys. It really is bright red. And, of course, it's cold! What else could you want from a summertime dessert? 

I feel like this is almost too easy of a recipe for me to post... I mean, three ingredients and all you do is blend them up and freeze them? I don't need to tell you how to do that, right? But then again, I never thought of this before so maybe other people haven't either. But now you do!

It's best to use the freshest, ripest strawberries you can find. Those weirdly giant ones that are mostly white on the inside - not so good. I bought my strawberries at the farmers market from a local farmer and they were incredible. Small, but so full of flavour! If you don't want to do that, maybe try it with raspberries, or another kind of fruit. I'm sure it would still be good. And maybe switch the lemon for lime? You can do whatever you want, this is the kind of recipe you can flip around and it will still be good. 

Strawberry Lemon Sorbet
Recipe from The River Cafe

2 cups sugar
2-3 lemons, 1 seeded and roughly chopped and the others juiced
2 pounds (907g) fresh strawberries, hulled

Add the chopped whole lemon to a food processor with the sugar. Pulse until incorporated. There will still be little chunks of lemon in there, that's normal. Transfer to a clean bowl.

Puree the strawberries until smooth. Add the lemon and sugar mixture and pulse. Add the juice of 1 lemon, then add the second if you wish. I think it's perfect with both the lemons juiced in there.

If you don't want a chunky texture, feel free to strain it.

Pour into an ice cream maker and churn until frozen, or place in a shallow container and freeze, stirring the sorbet every half an hour until frozen.